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Whether your floors are site finished, factory finished, hard scraped and distressed or engineered, we have a method to bring back their luster and add protection. By using the Bona Power Scrubber and dust free recoat system we can ensure that all contaminates are removed and a fresh coat of polyurethane will adhere. With this system we can restore and protect any wood floor that has lost its shine and is starting to show age.

By added an additional layer of finish we can fill in small surface scratches and extend the life of your floor. This system is not intended to change the color of your floor or to fix dents, deep scratches or other imperfections that have gone beyond the finish and into the wood. For that we offer our Dustless Sanding System. 

If you are unsure whether your floor is a candidate for this system please connect us and we will arrange a time for an in home consultation. 

Dust Free Recoating: Services
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