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Wooden Floor


bona Power scrubber

The Bona Power Scrubber and Deep Clean Solution brings new life to your dull and dirty floors. By removing all the grime that gets forced down into the pores of the poly and the grain of the wood it is able to restore the luster your floors once had.

The Power Scrubber safely cleans your floor using a series of brushes and a cleaning solution that the internal vacuum quickly removes, leaving you with a dry and clean surface. Unlike a mop and bucket which saturate a floor, leading to the wood cupping, and simply moves the dirt around, the power scrubber removes the dirt and the cleaner so your floors remain undamaged and as clean as they were when new.

This system works well on solid hardwood as well as engineered products, LVT, laminate, and most any hard surface floor. It's great for both residential and commercial maintenance. Once the only option to restore your floors luster was to recoat, now in many cases a thorough cleaning can give the same results in less time and without the hassle of moving your furniture or closing your business for a few days. After the initial investment of having custom floors installed and finished make sure to maintain them with periodic deep cleanings to extend their life and luster.

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